Getting Started

Production setup

Edx-enterprise is developed as a pluggable application for the edx-platform and can’t currently be used outside of edx-platform. Edx-enterprise is shipped with default edx-platform setup (see edx-platform requirements file), so new installs should already have it set up and enabled.

If you’re migrating from an earlier (i.e. pre-Ficus) release, the only step you might have to do manually is to perform database migrations.

$ paver update_db

# Or use a more down-to-the-root command (replace aws with your version of config)
$ ./ lms migrate --settings=aws

Local development

If you have not already done so, create/activate a virtualenv.

Dependencies can be installed via the command below.

$ make requirements

Than you might want to run tests to make sure the setup went fine and there are no pre-existing problems (i.e. failed tests or quality checks)

$ make test-all

For details on performing other development-related tasks and high-level overview of edx-enterprise architecture and development principles, see Development documentation