enterprise.api package


enterprise.api.filters module

enterprise.api.pagination module

Pagination helpers for enterprise api.

enterprise.api.pagination.get_paginated_response(data, request)

Update pagination links in course catalog data and return DRF Response.

  • data (dict) – Dictionary containing catalog courses.
  • request (HttpRequest) – Current request object.

DRF response object containing pagination links.

Return type:


enterprise.api.permissions module

Permission classes for the Enterprise API.

class enterprise.api.permissions.IsServiceUserOrReadOnly

Bases: rest_framework.permissions.IsAuthenticated

This request is authenticated as a service user, or is a read-only request.

has_permission(request, view)

Enforce that the user is authenticated. If the request isn’t read-only (unsafe), then deny permission unless the user is a service user.

enterprise.api.throttles module

Throttle classes for enterprise API.

class enterprise.api.throttles.ServiceUserThrottle

Bases: rest_framework.throttling.UserRateThrottle

A throttle allowing the service user to override rate limiting.

allow_request(request, view)

Modify throttling for service users.

Updates throttling rate if the request is coming from the service user, and defaults to UserRateThrottle’s configured setting otherwise.

Updated throttling rate comes from DEFAULT_THROTTLE_RATES key in REST_FRAMEWORK setting. service user throttling is specified in DEFAULT_THROTTLE_RATES by service_user key

Example Setting:



... ‘service_user’: ‘50/day’



Update throttle scope so that service user throttle rates are applied.

enterprise.api.urls module

enterprise.api.utils module

Utility functions for the Enterprise API.


Return the set of service usernames that are given extended permissions in the API.

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